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Ultimate Goal Setting Weekend! $1197 Value till for $555 only!

✅ The 5 aspects to leading a fulfilling life (Unless you set goals that take care of all these 5 aspects, you are unlikely to lead a well-rounded, balanced life.)

✅ The 7 key principles behind the ultimate goal setting – There are 7 things you MUST do, in the right order to create the results you want. Throughout the weekend you’ll learn what these 7 steps are and how you can apply them in your life. The 11-word “Basic Rule” that literally allows you to create your future as easily as drawing on a piece of paper (If you understand this principle, you’ll be able to understand why unwanted results keep cropping up in your life despite your best efforts). Why some goals come true and manifest with seemingly little effort… while others do not happen despite our best effort (It all depends on whether this element is present.)

✅ The process of inserting a goal in your Time Line… where you set goals progressively into the future instead of lumping them together (This helps your mind to clarify and zoom in on each goal with laser focus.)

✅ The process to uncover limiting beliefs… even those that are well hidden beneath the surface (The written example within the book will show you how to uncover “attitudes” you have about various subjects, that may be preventing you from reaching your goals.)

✅ How to clear up unfinished business that may be sapping energy in your life and demanding your attention (Learn the 6 types of unfinished tasks that can actually distract you.)

✅ The 6th principle of creating your future that most self-help programs and books leave out (Hint: This is the principle of playing everything at ____)

✅ How to identify and recognize your internal time line (Different people perceive their time lines differently. Through this exercise, you’ll learn how to recognize the way you perceive your internal time line so you can rearrange it.)

✅ The basic principle of the Universe based on the latest discoveries confirmed by Quantum Physics.

all this and more!